Chilliwack makes substantial investments in transportation projects every year with the goal of improving the quality of the infrastructure and connection within the community. Planned improvements will benefit vehicular traffic, cyclists, and pedestrians. Some typical projects include:

Vedder River Bridge

The City’s Vedder Bridge Replacement project was chosen to receive Federal and Provincial funding through the New Building Canada Fund. The City awarded the contract to Emil Anderson Construction Inc. in the amount of $11.3 million dollars and the project was completed in 2017.

Road Rehabilitation

In the past two years the City’s asphalt rehabilitation and shoulder paving program has resurfaced 21 km of road and 8 km of new bicycle lanes. Over the next ten years approximately $4 million dollars per year will be invested towards improving the roads in the community.

Evans Road Connector Project

The Evans Road Connector project which included Chilliwack’s first roundabout has been in operation since October 2010. The 2.5 kilometre, $38.2 million connecter and interchange links Evans Road at Knight Road to the south, with Ashwell Road at Deans Avenue to the north; providing an alternate route for residents, businesses and visitors between Chilliwack and Sardis. Extended bike lanes and sidewalks provide continuity for cyclists and pedestrians

The connector was also instrumental in leading the way to Squiala First Nation’s “Eagle Landing Development.” When completed, this development will consist of approximately 600,000 sq.ft of prime retail space, making it one of the largest unenclosed shopping centres in British Columbia.

Lickman Interchange Project

In 2015 the City completed a study of the Lickman Interchange to provide a preliminary design to improve capacity and safety, provide for future growth and utilize as much of the existing infrastructure as possible, while developing a phased improvement plan.

With the announcement of a Provincial Grant, the City will advance this $6.5 million construction project in the 2017-2018 season.  Phase 1 will include additional lanes, significantly improved turning movements at intersections, and a roundabout at the intersection of Lickman and Luckakuck roads.

Public Transit

The Chilliwack Transit System is funded and operated as a partnership between the City and the provincial crown agency, BC Transit. Chilliwack Transit provides well over 500,000 rides per year. Ridership continues to rise with expansion and improvement to the system over the last couple of years including the launch of the Fraser Valley Express in 2015 connecting Chilliwack to Abbotsford and on to Langley.

BC Transit engaged residents, community groups and businesses in Hope, Agassiz, Harrison and Chilliwack on a proposed transit service between Hope and Agassiz, connecting onwards to Chilliwack. The service was implemented in September 2017.

Water Supply

The City of Chilliwack has an excellent source of drinking water. We get our drinking water from the Sardis-Vedder aquifer. The City is dedicated to monitoring, protecting, and conserving this resource in order to ensure that residents will continue to be able to enjoy this high quality water for years to come.

The City’s capital investment program will make sure that existing infrastructure is upgraded as necessary and that the system is expanded to meet the demands of the growing community.

Wastewater Collection and Treatment

The financial plan includes a 10-year program to upgrade and expand the City’s wastewater treatment plant to ensure that the current high effluent quality standards continue to be met and that all wastewater from future growth in the City can receive treatment.

A financial analysis has been completed for both the water and sewer systems.  The current rate structure is adequate for both timely system maintenance as well as timely replacement of ageing elements such as water mains and sewers.


Telus committed a $55 million investment into the community by bringing TELUS PureFibreTM Network to Chilliwack. The City and Telus are proud to partner on this project which will benefit and strengthen the community. Not only will homes have access to the fastest and most reliable internet technology via 100 percent fibre direct to their home, but business will also benefit by having access to the services and products they need to operate locally and compete globally.