Chilliwack Innovation Network

CEPCO created the Chilliwack Innovation Network in 2017 as a standing committee tasked with developing opportunities, partnerships, projects and events that foster innovation. The committee is comprised of private sector businesses, educational institutions, and business support organizations.

The Network is focused on supporting entrepreneurs, business start-ups, and established businesses in the community that are primarily focused on technology-related ideas and business practices.

The success of the network will be best achieved through the development of partnerships and grass roots initiatives that include a wide range of people interested in strengthening the entrepreneurial environment for technology based start-ups, education, and innovation in Chilliwack. The best role for CEPCO is to facilitate connections and support that are sustainable, ensure that adequate resources are available, and value is provided. The role of the Chilliwack Innovation Network is “to develop an innovation mindset in our community through education and support of unique business growth initiatives.”

The following projects, events and groups are examples of activities currently underway or in development in Chilliwack via the efforts of people and organizations involved in the Chilliwack Innovation Network.

  • Chilliwack Tech Meet-Up

  • Events – Hackathon and /Next

  • Maker Space / Fabrication Lab

  • Mentorship Program

  • Financing Network

  • Retro-Computer Club

  • ChilliHack

  • Cowork Chilliwack and Downtown Business Centre

  • First Peoples Enterprise Accelerator Program

Chilliwack Innovation Network Committee

  • Rob Carnegie
    Chilliwack Retro Computing Club

  • Brian Coombes
    Chilliwack Economic Partners Corporation

  • Tony Dehnke
    Entrepreneur, 12v.Biz Toolbox

  • John English
    University of the Fraser Valley, Trades and Technology Centre

  • Dr. David Harper
    University of the Fraser Valley
  • Gary Jenne
    National Research Council Canada

  • Dave Leger
    Loop Energy

  • Jason Lum
    Councillor, City of Chilliwack

  • Tim McAlpine
    Currency Marketing

  • Kalvin Morrow
    Greenhouse Games

  • Nicole Read
    Community Futures South Fraser

  • Colin Schmidt
    Wisebox/Chilliwack Tech Meetup

  • Netty Tam
    Chilliwack Economic Partners Corporation

  • Craig Toews
    University of the Fraser Valley

  • Rocio Zelinski
    Stó:lō Community Futures